Confide: Your Confidential Messenger

Posted on Friday, March 25th, 2016 by

ConfideNever worry again that someone else may get their hands on your personal conversations with others when you use Confide.

For Your Eyes Only

Screen shot 2016-03-24 at 4.42.41 PMAs much as we use all the privacy setting for everything these days, others can still get through and see personal conversations, emails, etc. but with Confide all conversations stay personal and confidential. Confide is your confidential messenger app. Communicate digitally with the same privacy as an in-person conversation has. Confide uses encrypted messages that self-destruct, giving users the comfort in knowing that private messages will stay completely private! The encryption is military grade, so users will know for sure that everything stays confidential. Once a message is read the first time, the messages disappear forever so no one else can see the message. Messages also stay private because they can’t be a screenshot. Confide acts the same way other messenger apps do too. Share photos, documents, and keep going with all your group messaging. Don’t worry with the wrong people seeing your private messages ever again with Confide.

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