Umano – Listen to Interesting News, Read by Beautiful Voices.

Posted on Monday, December 24th, 2012 by

Umano is an app that takes insightful content found online and has professional voice actors tell the story, enabling you to consume quality journalism from your mobile smartphone.

Acting the News…

Umano is an app that strives to become a platform that allows thoughtful journalism to be consumed as easily as listening to the radio. News reported on the radio simply cuts to the facts without providing much insight. Whereas on the Internet, thoughtful, well-written journalism is being produced every day. Great journalists work hard to provide a compelling story that strikes emotion; a feeling rarely evoked by the radio. Umano takes insightful content found online and has professional voice actors tell the story. On this app you can browse the most interesting articles from top news sources, make a playlist with articles that interest you, see what your friends are listening to and download articles to listen to offline.

A World of Difference…

You have no idea how different Umano is from other text to audio apps, mostly because it’s not one! Instead of the cold metallic voice of a software these are specific articles read by professional actors who knows how to draw your attention and when to pause when reaching a comma or a full stop. The amalgamation of high-quality journalism and convenient delivery is what makes Umano different from traditional radio, podcasts and other audio news applications. With Umano you will hear real people with amazing voices read interesting news articles to you. It is a new news consuming experience, one which I highly recommend.




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