Orbox C: Our Brain Cracking Sliding-Block Puzzle Game of the Week!

Posted on Monday, December 24th, 2012 by

Orbox C is a challenging Puzzle game featuring 30 levels with varied missions. Levels will require you to move your block to the exit, detonate bombs, collect stars, and complete other missions.

Fun and Challenging!

Orbox C is the third of the Orbox Sliding-Block puzzle games series and by far the best one yet. Like it’s ancestors this game requires you to navigate your avatar through each puzzle. When you push your block, it will move in one direction until it is stopped by a wall or an object. Throughout the game’s 30 levels, you will come across various objects, such as bumpers, portals, disappearing blocks, and interlocking block pieces.


Breeze Through Levels…

Orbox C is a fun coffee break game, you will not have to over-think yourselves, the various missions and the different objectives are what will make you keep playing… Timer Blocks which when tapped will start counting down to disappearing in a harmless explosion, Angle Blocks which will deflect Orbox’s path 90 degrees, collectible Stars, Teleporters which will transport your to the portal of the same color, Gate Blocks, two separated halves which, when intersected, will merge into a single new block, Grow Blocks, empty spaces which will grow into blocks when intercepted, Sensors which activate the creation of other blocks, etc. It is my favorite kind of puzzle games: It’s easy but still makes you feel smart for solving it! try it, it will make you feel smarter then you really are… 😉


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