Trove: The New Way To Buy Jewelry

Posted on Monday, November 16th, 2015 by

TroveTrove allows users to easily customize jewelry to perfectly fit your style.

It’s One Of A Kind

TroveTrove makes 3D printing and design accessible to everyone, no matter their experience with 3D printing. Trove is a new online site that allows its’ users to discover, share, and customize their own 3D printed jewelry. All you future designers and budding fashionistas need to do is browse through the design templates and use in the in-browser customization software to create a one of a kind item. The process to creating or finding that perfect piece of jewelry is incredibly easy for everyone. Trove is changing the way we create, find, and design jewelry.


Designs Become A Reality

TroveTo get started with Trove, anyone can do it. To start the process, scroll through the feed of rings, bracelets, and necklaces and start designing. Simply click on a piece of jewelry you like, and then manipulate the design to your satisfaction. Once you’re satisfied with your design, the jewelry can be printed in a variety of materials from sterling silver to 18K gold. The unique designs will be shipped in just weeks. Any design created on Trove will become part of the social stream on the site. Other users can explore your designs and then manipulate to their likes after you’re done. This process allows products to grow and change over time. Users can follow each other as well to share designs and stay up to date with each other. If you ever wish you could be a designer, or adjust a piece of jewelry to make it perfect, Trove is the site to do just that.


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