Stash: Start Investing Today

Posted on Monday, November 16th, 2015 by

StashStash is all about investing, the way it should be.

The Investment Is All About You

StashAll you needs to have to start using Stash is $5. Just start small, invest in what matters to you, and then you’ll have help and guidance from there. This way of investing takes all of 2 minutes, $5, and a phone. Don’t we all have that? To start, just pick an investment that matters to you and/or your family based on beliefs, goals, and interests. Instead of having to jump right in feet first, test the waters out. You can invest in fractional shares, so that $5 you can find in your couch cushions is all you need. Stash provides advice, recommendations and milestones. You won’t just jump right into something and then be left to drown. On the site, just put in your phone number and you’ll be sent the link to download Stash. The fee to use Stash is $1 per month subscription fee, no commissions or surprises. When your account reaches $5,000, the price will be 0.25% of your account per year. Stash is also extremely safe and secure. If you’re ready to start investing today, Stash is the place to do it.


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