Tressle: Modern Design For Your Home

Posted on Monday, May 18th, 2015 by

tressle5Tressle is a one-stop shop for home design in any style.

Bed, Bath, and Much More Beyond

tressle2Tressle is the ultimate online store for home and interior design. The site brings collections from all types of designers — from established brands to boutique artists. All of its products are browsable or searchable from the same place, so it’s easy to see all design types and styles before making an informed decision about how to enhance your home. Tressle is also split into four major categories — “Furniture + Lighting,” “Bed + Bath,” “Kitchen + Dining,” and “Art + Decor.” There are additional subcategories (like “Bath Linens” under the “Bed + Bath” section) to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, as well as a few miscellaneous options.


Create A Registry

tressle4Compared to most online shopping sites, Tressle is expensive. Even designer lamps can run upwards of $300, and there are plenty of items over the $1,000 mark. Still, the prices are high for a reason — they match the quality of the items on the site. If you’re truly looking for good products for your home from top designers, Tressle is the place to shop. If you want others to do the shopping for you, it’s also easy to create a gift or wedding registry on the site. Simply choose all of the products that you want, share the list with your friends and family, and get excited about all the Tressle products in your future.


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