Travel Diaries: Your World in Your Words

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Travel DiariesCreate your own travel diary to capture and share all your travel experiences with Travel Diaries.

Dear Diary…

Travel DiariesThe most popular way to preserve our travel memories today is to create photo albums (via social media, or prints) and blog posts. But wouldn’t you rather have something more tangible than just a photo album or a blog post? Travel Diaries turns what would be a blog post from your adventures into physical books! You’ll have these books forever, and be able to share with everyone. Travel Diaries is incredibly easy to us and to create with, giving you more time to remember all the great days and adventures. Start by adding stories to your digital diary. These chapters can also be made public into blog posts that are shareable. After the diary is completed, add photos to each story (as you would in a blog post). Really add anything you want: pictures, maps, scanned items (tickets, flyers, receipts, etc.). The whole process doesn’t have to be done at once. When traveling, the fun doesn’t happen all at once. Add a new entry as you go, so it stays fresh. Once the diary is finished, order the diary and/or download it as a PDF file. Travel Diaries hosts other travelers’ diaries for inspiration, or just to see where others are going and what they’re doing. There is a fee for diaries, but can you really put a price on being able to create a physical diary of your travels? Creating your own diary has never been easier, or more fun with Travel Diaries.

Travel Diaries

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