Cerebral Project

Posted on Friday, January 29th, 2016 by

Cerebral ProjectFind out which side of your brain is dominant with the Cerebral Project.

Left Or Right?

Cerebral ProjectEveryone’s brain has a more dominant side. The right side treats information we learn in an intuitive way. The left side calculates, analyzed and decodes. Our brain works when both sides can work together, but what if you only tried using one? Cerebral allows viewers to use only one lobe, the left or the right. When users watch the video, a set of hand appear. By moving the left hand, the rational side of the video is shown. By moving the right hand, the intuitive side of the video is shown. By manipulating each hand, the viewers can see the different sides of the movie. Cerebral gives users an opportunity to think about how their brains work, and which areas their brains are stronger in.

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