Tradesy: Buy & Sell Your Closet

Posted on Thursday, February 25th, 2016 by

TradesyOne never knows how much money they actually spent on clothes and accessories until they’re given away for free. But instead of giving away clothes all the time, trade them with others on Tradesy.

Trade Ya!

TradesyTradesy is a site and app for all fashionistas to buy and sell new and gently used designer clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. Make some money selling what you already own, and then find other great items with the money you make. Selling items through Tradesy is easy, and there is help every step of the way. Start by┬álisting items in under a minute. Sell anything from your closet that’s in good condition. Using the app, it can be done anytime. The price of the item does go down after being owned, but Tradesy will help sellers receive top dollars for their items. Tradesy only sells authentic, designer fashions, guaranteeing the best price. The site is available to help with any questions, day or night. Once an item sells, Tradesy helps ships the items. They’ll send you a free shipping kit, and they also handle returns. Extremely easy, right? All items authenticity posted on the site is guaranteed. If you’re buying items, and they aren’t delivered in proper condition, all money is refunded. If you’re using Tradesy to buy items, it’s a great site to find those expensive designer items you drool over at the store for a fraction of the price. You won’t even be able to tell these items were owned by someone before you. Instead of just giving away everything in your closet, make a little money using Tradesy.


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