Luxe: Fall In Love With Parking

Posted on Thursday, February 25th, 2016 by

LuxeDon’t waste your time trying to find parking, let Luxe do it for you.

When You Find The Perfect Parking Spot

LuxeIt’s always so annoying when you drive to a destination to realize there is no easy accessible parking, and you spend a good chunk of time driving up and down the parking lot and then ending up blocks away. Luxe is a new parking service that sends valets right to you, to park your car for you wherever you are. Luxe is fast, affordable and convenient. It’s incredibly easy to use. Start by downloading the app, and then go from there. Tell the valets where you’re going, and then they will meet you there to park your car for you. This way you can just move on with your day. Don’t think Luxe will just park your car anywhere, they park the car to one of their secure lots around your city and wash/fuel it if you ask. Once you’re ready to leave your location, tell Luxe where you want your car returned and the car will be delivered within the service zone. Luxe has an hourly rate of $5 (rates may vary depending on the city). Finding a parking spot can be such a hassle, but Luxe is the newest parking app ready to take of your parking problems for you.


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