Topick: Gather Around Your Favorite Topics

Posted on Wednesday, December 9th, 2015 by

TopickWhen you join Topick, discover and join communities about your favorite topics.

Discuss With People Who Care

TopickI can’t be the only one who starts talking about a subject with a group of people or friends, but no one seems to care about my topic of choice. Sometimes you need to discuss about a certain topic, but there is no one to share with. Now there is. Topick lets users join communities based on their interests in topics, and then they can discuss and share all they want about their favorite topics. Users can also follow and join different topics and create a feed, so never miss a minute of favorite discussions. To sign up for Topick, simply connect your Twitter account or use an email address. All topics are split into categories, allowing an easy way to search topics. If users are not a member of Topick, all conversations can be viewed. But to comment and share, one must be a member. Topick is a social media site of sorts, allowing users to create the ultimate feed filled with topics they love. Join Topick, and finally connect and share your thoughts and opinions with people who are actually interested in the same topics.


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