Thngs: Browse and Discover New Things

Posted on Sunday, November 20th, 2016 by

ThngsOur world and lives is full of things, and those things can have impact on our lives or how products develop over time. Discover all of these things with Thngs.

What’s Old is New, Or New is Old

ThngsNo matter how old we are or which generation we are apart of, we have collected a bunch of things along the way. Thngs is a place for all of that stuff! This isn’t a site to buy vintage and futuristic things, but to explore all the stuff that people have collected throughout the decades. Our stuff can be physical memories, but eventually the break, get damaged and get lost over time, so Thngs is trying to preserve all of that. Think of Thngs as a time capsule of sorts. Stuff that’s part of our lives is our past, present and future. Start by exploring things from way back when, or something that was released way back in the beginning of the year. Browse through gadgets, clothing, electronics, anything really that people have collected and saved over the years. Search by category and views them on a timeline, or just browse endlessly. Thngs is also a way for people to upload their own items, and create an organizational tool to keep track of their things. Discover history through everything we have collected over the years with Thngs.


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