Graphiq: Embeddable Visualization Library

Posted on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016 by

GraphiqDo you ever find your mind wandering? You start thinking about one thing and end up on a completely different topic. You’re not the only one, and Graphiq knows that.

From One Thing to the Next

GraphiqWhether you’re thinking about one thing or browsing the internet about another, more times than not we end up focused on something completely different than what we started with! It’s like Graphiq is in our heads, and they show us visually. Graphiq is a semantic technology company that delivers results pulled from the world’s data. Start with the topics that most interests you, or need more information about and let Graphiq take it from there. Take the “Olympics” as the subject, type it in and then watch results generate. The first source has basic information about the games, and can lead all the way Olympic sources of revenue. Graphiq provides contextually rich visualizations that are great for researchers, journalists, and enterprise. Thousands of journalists use the site for visualization, add validity and add engagement to their articles. Graphiq has thousands of pieces of information to share, and they’ll help you get your brain from one point to the next.


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