This Was Louise’s Phone

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This was Louise's phoneMany still believe cyberbullying is not an issue in our society, but This was Louise’s Phone is hoping to show just how serious of a problem it is.

Words Mean More Than You Think

This was Louise's phoneIt’s extremely unfortunate that cyberbullying is part of our society, and for many it becomes to much for them. This was Louise’s Phone shares the story of an individual who could not overcome the terrible texts being received on a daily basis. This website is built around the contents of a 16 year old Louise’s phone. Louise committed suicide in 2014 after being bullied with hateful and threatening text messages and she is only one of many. This project is an interactive experience where viewers can virtually walk around an installation showing all of the terrible texts that Louise received. This experience is hard to swallow and the text messages are so hurtful, but the message of This was Louise’s Phone is incredibly important. The creators of This was Louise’s phone hope the site sheds a spotlight on how hurtful cyberbullying is, and hopes this message is shared. The internet has become an integral part of our lives, but cyberbullying should not be! Please share This was Louise’s phone and if you know anyone being bullied or doing the bullying, please try and stop it before it claims another life.

This was Louise's phone

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