Soon: Your Everyday Bucketlist

Posted on Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 by

SoonLife is filled with things we want to do and accomplish, so keep everything organized with Soon.

Check It Off The List

SoonWe all have bucket lists, and every day there seems to things that get added. But for some reason with all of the things that we want to accomplish, they’re never written down. Soon is here to save us from the endless cycle of forgetting and then remembering. Soon is a social bucket/todo list that helps you remember, discover and experience things that make life more fun. Every time you hear about something you want to do, go to or try, add it to the list and Soon keeps all your ideas incredibly organized (so you don’t have to). Everything is divided into categories (movies, books, restaurants, etc.) and then each item is attached with maps, information and images to help you accomplish something off your list. Once you’ve done something, Soon checks it off the list. Also link your lists to your friends’ lists, why not accomplish something together? Soon is the simplest way for you to discover, remember, and organize your bucket list so you can start doing them!


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