This Day In Tech – Wired’s Tech History Corner

Posted on Monday, September 14th, 2009 by

This Day in Tech – “Events that Shaped the Wired World” is what This Day in Tech is about. It is Wired Magazine’s historical accounts of important technological inventions and developments that happened today, 20, 50, 100, even 500 years ago. If you’re not a Wired reader and into technology, shame on you! This is one of the world’s top publications in general, and technology related news resource in particular. This Day in Tech, one of Wired’s current 12 blogs (yes, these guys are serious), draws ‘forsaken’ tech moments of history into the 21st century spotlight. To give an example, here’s an interesting article on the 1846 invention of the first practical sewing machine, by Elias Howe on September 10 of that year.

Overall the idea behind This Day in Tech is pretty conventional. So why did this blog make it into our Weekly Faves lineup? Because as with any content produced by Wired Magazine, this blog is simply beautifully written, and the reader is always in for an especially pleasant read. With Wired Magazine, content is always king and it therefore deserves this AMF seat of honor. Click here to visit their other blogs, which are just as exquisite as the one reviewed here.

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