The Universal Record Database – Let’s See what Humans can Do

Posted on Monday, August 10th, 2009 by

The Universal Record Database – The Universal Record Database believes every person on earth holds the potential of becoming the world’s best ‘something.’ The general guidelines for being the best in ‘something’ are simple: every record in the database must be a) quantifiable, b) breakable and c) legal. If you want to set a record in, say, “Most Peanuts Smashed With Forehead In 15 Seconds“, go for it – just make sure you can document it. Who sits at the judges’ panel? Despite what many would assume, it isn’t under the supervision of the Guinness World Records, but rather a Wiki-based judging platform.

Kids and Students are getting ready for Back to School, and so is AllMyFaves (see our designated faveline). Why am I telling you this? Because the kid below reminded me just how important pencils are :-).

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