LyricRat – Find that Song – no Need to Hum!

Posted on Monday, August 10th, 2009 by

LyricRat – If you’ve been keeping up with this blog for a while, you probably noticed that words often remind me of songs (i.e AnyBodyOutThere and WeHeartThis). Having that said, sometimes I seem to have the opposite affect; I hear a great song on the radio but have no idea who is the performer. The song then ends and the radio show host doesn’t give any identifiable details, and all I have left is a sentence I managed to remember while the song was playing.

Until today, if I were to find myself in the above situation, I would search for the song’s title on Google by typing in that crumb of lyrics I jotted down, and narrow down the results until I found the sough-after tune. LyricRat cuts the middleman (Google) in this case, and offers direct access to the desired song. The added bonus is that they let you listen to a sample of the song, to make sure that this is, indeed, what you’re looking for. Writer’s tip: when searching for a song by its lyrics, try unique phrases instead of the usual ‘I love you’ ones, otherwise you’ll have to sieve through semi-endless results. Using my own tip led me to the song below. Enjoy.

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