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Posted on Monday, June 1st, 2009 by

The Stimulist You might know Carlos Watson as one of the anchors of MSNBC (follow him on twitter). One thing you might not have known about Watson is that he is also an attorney and an entrepreneur. His latest venture, The Stimulist, is a daily brief for the (curious) optimist, and its manifesto comes from the belief that “snark is too easy” and therefore, they rather focus on “the good.”  This brilliant site offers what they call “a six-pack of fresh content” on a daily basis. This includes: a wrap-up of the news, one idea worth considering, one person worth knowing, one thing worth trying, one piece of history worth remembering and a blog from Watson himself.”

Is The Stimulist really that “good?” You bet it is, as it offers nothing less than sophisticated and intriguing content or, as The Stimulist defines it, “What Carlos Watson has always wanted from a news site: a broad range of sources, provocative articles, a place to learn about incredible people, things to try, historical context, and some sex.”

One of the perks of my job as one of AMF’s Co-Founders is reviewing the Weekly Faves of the previous week in this very blog. If you’ve followed our Weekly Faves before, then you already know it is a weekly list of ten sites that stand out of the much inundated World Wide Web pool. We wish to pay forward the web’s cream of the crop to our users. As part of my review, I usually dedicate an hour or so to examine each of the ten sites thoroughly. The Stimulist represents a gross exception in my methodology; I couldn’t stop clicking away and exploring it, an enthusiasm which caused a serious hold-up in my busy schedule. Each post was more intriguing than the previous one, and the site’s content in its entirety (beside posts and news) is absolutely amazing and awe-inspiring. Here are some of the posts I found remarkably interesting: Google’s Larry Page to Michigan Seniors: Grab Your Dream, DJ Spooky heads to MoMa with “Birth of a Nation” and Dancers Invade Antwerp Train Station. These posts also include videos, below. Enjoy!

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