The Spaces: Explore New Places To Live And Work

Posted on Thursday, April 30th, 2015 by

thespaces5The Spaces is a digital publication exploring new ways to live and work.

A Well-Backed Digital Publication

thespaces3The Spaces is an architecture and design blog created by the London-based group VF Publishing. It’s the company’s second publication, following the immense success of music magazine FACT. The Spaces website has a similar look and feel to FACT Magazine, as well as a comparable strength in editorial quality. The focus on The Spaces, however, is entirely on art, architecture, urbanism and design. The site covers both public spaces and private property, as well as co-working spaces and retail properties that inspire people to think differently about design. Articles tend to be lengthy and informative, with a great combination of high quality photographs and text.


Think Differently About Urban Design

thespaces2Articles on The Spaces are split across three categories: Architecture, Art and Property. The Art section includes stories about how artists are congregating and using certain sections of cities around the world, as well as design projects that utilize aspects of architecture and space. The Property section highlights interesting projects happening in cities around the globe, from private, commercial properties in their earliest stages to residential properties that are up for sale. Especially for high-income readers, the site is a great place to discover new places that are for sale or for rent. For everyone else, the content is as amazing as it is unique.


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