The Smarter City – Innovative Solutions for Today’s Metropolis

Posted on Monday, February 15th, 2010 by

thesmartercity The Smarter City – For all urban dwellers out there, are you happy with the way your metropolis operates, provides the services you need, and handles core issues such as health and development? Sounds serious, I know, but urbanization is an ongoing process. As long as urban populations increase, so do the challenges of keeping the city, its tangible and intangible facilities in harmony with the population. IBM’s The Smarter City campaign is here to educate us on both the problematic issues and innovative solutions of today’s urban needs.

When you enter the site, you’ll have 6 different categories to choose from, each addressing an important urban theme: Transportation, Public Safety, Energy & Utilities, Education, Healthcare and Development. Think the computer giant is a bit too ambitious? Perhaps. But they sure know how to make me wish I had lived in the Smarter City….

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