The History Project: Where Memories Come To Life

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The History ProjectThe History Project is where memories connect to tell interactive narratives that keep generations connected for years to come.

Making Memories

The History ProjectThe History Project is a living time capsule to collect artifacts and share stories. Even in a world of social media, where memories can be preserved on the Internet for ever, but it’s still important to be able to hang onto physical objects filled with memories and stories that can be passed on for years to come. The History Project is preserving the moments that matter and are able to be accessed with ease. The project is connecting people with the stories and artifacts of life. Technology is doing more than ever to help preserve what’s really important in life. Memories and stories need to be passed on to future generations, and The History Project is helping with that.

Past, Present, And Future

The History ProjectThe History Project allows users to build a modern time capsule that connects the media and moments from your life that matter. When users sign up to digitalize your memories, they receive a History Concierge. They’re personal guides selected from an expert team of storytellers, writers and teachers. All artifacts are digitalized, so you don’t have to pick and choose. Everything including: video, camcorder tapes, movie reels, slides, photos, negatives, scrap books and photo albums all make it onto the computer. Whatever you want to include, will be included. Because the whole project is online, users can add videos and voice allowing history to come alive. Everything is then organized and added into a timeline. Users can choose to receive a customized photobook, just for something tangible to hang onto and pass down. The History Project is free to get started, but there are two platforms users can purchase. The first is the plus package, where THP helps get you started. Second is the premium package, where THP does all the work for you. We can’t live forever, but our memories finally can thanks to the help of The History Project.

The History Project

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