DoorDash: On Demand Restaurant Delivery

Posted on Wednesday, November 11th, 2015 by

DoorDashWhen you order food for delivery, you want it fast. DoorDash gets it, and they’re delivering food from your favorite restaurants within the hour.

That Was Fast

DoorDashDoorDash is a food delivery service, delivering all of your favorite local spots right to your front door. There’s nothing worse than waiting forever for food to be delivered. Let’s be honest, hanger is real and when it comes, it comes in full force. If a delivery takes to long, we eventually snack on whatever is in our kitchens and by the time the food actually gets to us, we’re full. DoorDash promises that the delivery will make it within the hour (no hanger necessary). DoorDash is connecting local businesses with the community, delivering all of their great food. Food can be delivered in a short amount of time due to DoorDash’s revolutionary logistics technology. This delivery doesn’t just operate in one neighborhood, out of one city. They’re all over the country in the biggest cities and the best neighborhoods. Either order from online, or download the app to start eating from your favorite restaurants from the comfort of your own couch. There’s no need for only ordering pizza for delivery now, with DoorDash, foodies are connected to their favorite restaurants, right in their own neighborhood.


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