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Posted on Monday, October 19th, 2009 by

frisky The Frisky – Looking for some solid celebrity news without the paparazzi goo and cheesy headlines? Want to dip into current style trends that transcend the gullible teen magazine spirit? Then you should pay The Frisky a visit – you won’t be disappointed. The Frisky is a high class entertainment blog covering ladies’ prominent fields of interest such as celebrities, relationships, sex, guys and more.

The Frisky draws some of its posts from other sources, such as YourTango for relationship advice, but overall, they produce enough original content of their own, which makes them a wonderful site worth your time. Check out their Gallery section or start exploring The Frisky with these two posts which I found interesting and worth sharing: Going Out Clothes that are Sexy, Not Slutty and 8 Super-cute Trick-or-Treat Baskets.

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