Tasty Kitchen – A Community of Savvy Cook Inspectors

Posted on Monday, September 14th, 2009 by

Tasty Kitchen – Tasty Kitchen is a community-based food and recipe site where, as Ree, the creator and Pioneer Woman states, like-minded foodies are “able to tap into the bounty of tried, true, and tested recipes that exist in the arsenal of home cooks everywhere.” Ree, a gorgeous woman who is also blessed with the right palate and equipped with the cooking know-how, has done an excellent job in creating this extraordinary food site.

All of the featured recipes on Tasty Kitchen have been tried out by other cooks and are rated by other community members. With such an indisputable authenticity, and a huge selection of recipes (including gluten and dairy free listings), there’s something for everyone’s kitchen here. Unfortunately, the community’s current size is rather small, and so many recipes have only one or two ratings, but with this fantastic platform, I’m sure the number of shared recipes and ratings will increase in no time. Now back to food – some of the recipes I was most impresses by (or should I say, the ones that made my mouth water the most) are the Pesto Cheese Bread, the Pasta Vecchia Napoli, and the delicious looking Il Riso di Giovedi’ Sera.

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