Tastemade: Food And Travel For The Experience Generation

Posted on Wednesday, October 28th, 2015 by

TastemadeWe love food, and we love to travel. So why not combine them together? That’s exactly what Tastemade has done.

Travel The World, One Bite At A Time

TastemadeTastemade is a food and travel video network for the mobile generation. “Tastemakers” can share their love of great food and a passion for travel through video when they use Tastemade. It’s often we find the greatest recipes, restaurants and local fare while we are traveling, but sometimes a picture just doesn’t do it justice. Tastemade features videos and different articles and posts about great food that people have found in special spots, or their own recipes that have to be shared. Tastemade is a great site to discover all things food and travel.


Food Coma, Or Food Baby?

TastemadeOne of the great aspects of Tastemade is that it’s available across all media platforms, so you’re not confined to watching videos and reading on your laptop only. Tastemade is available everywhere, capturing some of the most exciting adventures, food and travel. The content features food of all varieties (gluten free, vegan, delicious, etc.) and from each ends of the Earth. There are endless hours of videos and posts to scroll through, you’re either going to start drooling while watching or find the next destination you’ll want to explore. Tastemade has over 88 million social media followers all over the world, across multiple platforms. The shows created by Tastemade are also created with brand partners. The brands are, “authentically and organically weaving in themes with entertainment and storytelling that viewers crave”. In the end, there are very few combinations that go better than food and travel, and that combo comes forward in Tastemade.



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