MeUndies: World’s Most Comfortable Undies

Posted on Wednesday, October 28th, 2015 by

MeUndiesThere are many unfortunate things in the World, and uncomfortable underwear is one of them. MeUndies is changing that problem for many.

Boxers or Briefs?

MeUndiesMeUndies has set out to give everyone the most comfortable underwear and other inner wear one can possibly wear. It’s extremely unfortunate when you’re going about your day and your comfort level drops a few levels due to some uncomfortable under garments. MeUndies is changing the game of underwear, and nobody will ever face an uncomfortable day or moment ever again. MeUndies believe, “a pair of underwear will change your life, make you bolder, and save you time and money”. MeUndies doesn’t just sell underwear, they also sell: tops, bottoms, and sweats. If everyone had all these comfy clothes, we would all have a a little better of a day. Every month, there is a featured design allowing your undies to be even cooler than they were to begin with. There are 5 steps to creating the most comfortable pair of MeUndies: 1) extrusion, 2) knitting the fabric, 3) dyeing the bulk, 4) weaving the elastic, and 5) cutting & sewing. Skilled workers create MeUndies to perfection, providing the ultimate comfort level for each pair. MeUndies is out to change the world, one pair of undies at a time.


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