Tandem: Practice Languages With Others, Anywhere

Posted on Thursday, June 9th, 2016 by

TandemThe easiest way to learn a language is to practice conversations in that language, and immerse yourself into a country that speaks that language. Learning just got a bit easier with Tandem.

Community of Language Leaners

TandemTandem is the easiest way to practice and learn language. Tandem is an app that connects people from all over the world, looking to learn a new language themselves or help others learn a new language. Practice languages one-on-one and speak with people who share the same interests for a more enjoyable learning experience. With other tutor services, appointments have to be scheduled ahead of time. But with Tandem, just open the app and start talking. There aren’t lessons and worksheets to complete, simply have conversations with others. The easiest way to learn something new is to start doing and practicing, so start speaking and learning a new language with Tandem.


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