Tandem: Live Video for the Fitness Community

Posted on Thursday, March 17th, 2016 by

TandemTandem is the place for the fitness community online.

Fitness Meets Technology

TandemTandem is live video for the fitness community. The site is filled with live streams from people all over the world, users can chat with others and share tip and tricks, etc. and there is new fitness content to discover every day on Tandem. Tandem is filled with videos that users have posted with tips, tricks, and overall information about everything fitness. These videos cover topics such as the type of workout they’re participating in, healthy eating habits, planning a workout, etc. There is a schedule for every day about what’s being posted, so plan your schedule accordingly if you’re committed. Streaming is also free for everyone, which is a plus. If you think you have something to add that other people would want to hear, post your own content and videos. Once you’ve built an audience, make money through subscriptions for exclusive content, donations, merchandise, marketing and more! Tandem has it all when it comes to fitness, explore a bit and find something new for yourself.


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