Civilization Wars 4: Monsters

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Civilization Wars 4: MonstersBring on the monsters and protect your civilization in Civilization Wars 4: Monsters.

Monsters and Mayhem

Civilization Wars 4: MonstersCivilizations have been standing and falling for centuries, and the most important thing it to protect them from a fall. The bad guys in question this time, monsters. There are new battle waiting when you play Civilization Wars 4: Monsters. You have to do all you can to protect your land. You and your army have to rush through enemy lands on different quests and battles. Along the way, make sure to defeat those hordes of monsters and take their buildings along the way in this game of strategy. It’s easy to play, only have to use your mouse and there are tips and advice along the way to help get the job done. Save your civilization and be the hero everyone will turn to in Civilization Wars 4: Monsters.

Civilization Wars 4: Monsters

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