TalkTalk – If You Want to Create – Create, Don’t Talk!

Posted on Monday, September 28th, 2009 by

TalkTalk – If you’re a UK resident, TalkTalk should be familiar. If not, let me explain: TalkTalk is a UK mobile carrier which made it into this week’s Weekly Faves thanks to their XFactor webcam feature. All you need to enjoy this super cool entertainment is a webcam and some light-producing object (such as a cell phone, a small portable lamp, etc.). No registration is required, this is open to everyone. Before you begin, make sure you turn out the lights in the room, and have the light-emanating device at hand. Then click on the ‘perform’ tab on the bottom of the page, and wave the light around. You’ll see your creation in seconds. Prepare to be amazed and addicted.

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