Supercompressor: A Tech Product Guide

Posted on Wednesday, June 17th, 2015 by

supercompressor5Find the coolest tech, gear, gadgets, vices and home goods that money can buy on Supercompressor.

Another Thrillist Media Site

supercompressor4Supercompressor is part blog, part shopping guide. It’s run by the same people behind Thrillist and Jackthreads — responsible for helping you find the best events in your city and the best clothes online, respectively. Supercompressor focuses on tech and gadgets, pointing out the coolest stuff that’s available to buy online. Along with all of its recommendations, it also includes well-written or informative articles about the products. An article about Steve McQueen’s Porsche hitting the market, for instance, includes detailed text, videos and photos about the vehicle as well as a link to the auction. That’s one of the priciest items on the site, and most of the recommendations are much more affordable.


The Best Money Can (Or Can’t) Buy

supercompressor1Supercompressor separates its posts into a few different categories — Gear, Tech, Rides (where you’ll find the aforementioned Steve McQueen Porsche), Culture, Home and Vice. There’s also a section called “Series,” which includes articles with edgy, Buzzfeed-esque headlines like “I Created 10 Everclear Cocktails And I Think I’m Dead Now.” Browsing this part of the site is useful for the more frugal people out there, as you won’t be tempted to spend money on all the cool items the rest of the site is recommending. If you’ve ever subscribed to Thrillist or Jackthreads, you’ll probably like the editorial tone used on Supercompressor. You’ll probably like the products, too. It’s a great third component to that list of sites, and it’s definitely worth checking on a regular basis.


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