Sun Is Shining, The Weather is Sweet!

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FWAtheater – Great news flash for all the creative people out there: THEFWA‘s creators (The Favorite Website Awards) have launched a new and original video site. Unlike its predecessor, which specializes in featuring the top flash animation sites on a daily and monthly bases, this video site provides us with a wide range of the best movie trailers, TV ads and all other animated videos available. The majority of videos are computer animation oriented, which means guaranteed high quality entertainment. Not only is the content breathtaking but their unique drag-and-drop video interface is easy to use, fast (videos load relatively fast), intuitive and welcoming. I spent hours on this site and I assure you that if you give them a chance the site just might make its way into your daily to-do list. You can start by checking out some of my own faves: Bridgestone Scream, The Grandfather of Soul, and City of Good. Enjoy!

World Series – The 2008 World Series was the 104th Major League Baseball championship series. The best-of-seven series was played between the Philadelphia Phillies of the National League and the Tampa Bay Rays of the American League. The Series started on Wednesday, October 22nd, and concluded a week later on October 29th. The Phillies won their second championship in their 126-year history (the other came in 1980), winning the series four games to one. Although the series is over, the official site still resonates the game thrill; it offers full coverage of past seasons as well as an exclusive 2008 World Series gear. A piece of history for you folks: Did you know that the New York Yankees of the American League have played in 39 of the 104 Series through 2008 and have won 26 World Series championships – the highest number among all Major League franchises? So for all non-Phillies fans out there, remember to hold your heads high: there will always be another season… The next one begins on April 6, 2009.

123people – 123people is a real-time people search tool that stretches across nearly all corners of the web. It doesn’t offer anything Google isn’t already doing but it sure is more organized and focused about it. By using the 123people search algorithm you can find comprehensive, specific people-related information that consists of images, videos, phone numbers, email addresses, social networking, Wikipedia profiles and much more. Start by searching yourself and then, if you like, search your own circle of friends and acquaintances. Don’t be surprised by the vast amount of information you will find – this is the ultimate people search, and this is coming from a person who has tried this sort of thing quite a few times already in the past. Another site which is similar but focused more on social networks, is Spokeo. It was featured on our Weekly Faves last year.

BrashGlam Media is the group behind Glam and Brash. While Glam still constitutes one of the leading players in the woman focused sites’ arena, Brash is still spanking new – it was just recently released. If I were to predict Brash’s future in terms of success, I would foresee positive up signs for these guys, based on the Glam case. Despite their connection to Glam, Brash holds its own and let’s not forget, it caters to a totally different audience. The reasons for which I’ve anticipated Brash’s success are based on their superb content and interface. Since AllMyFaves was first launched, I have reviewed many sites, some of which were men-oriented sites. Brash is an exception; being a man myself, I must give Brash the credit they deserve. They caught my attention as soon as I entered the site, and became more impressed and interested as I continued my virtual exploration. I received a generous dose of unique content which, I felt, fits my personal requirements as a man. My fave part was discovering The Brash Hall of Fame! Should we add them to the Men’s FaveLine on our Entertainment Page? I say YES, I hope you won’t say NO.

WonderHowTo 2008 Awards With all the endless ‘How To’ sites that flood the web it seems that human kind either doesn’t know how to do anything anymore or maybe we’ve become super-experts about everything…. Perhaps this has to do with the embedded pleasure that lies in sharing one’s wisdom with as many other people as possible. This isn’t the first time we have had WonderHowTo featured on our Weekly Faves. So how come they made it into our Weekly Faves lineup again? Well, WonderHowTo has launched their first annual Video Awards competition that celebrates excellent instructional videos. Since we truly appreciate their content, we have agreed to sponsor their competition. Voting ends November 13, so watch and vote!

CarZen – CarZen is an efficient and powerful online car research tool. By focusing on simplicity and personalization, they do their best in helping the car buyer in making better and faster car-related decisions. Follow their four steps and see for yourself if this tool can improve or add more dimensions to your car buying experience. If not, you should also check out vLane, which offers a similar service. Not into buying a car at the moment? Well, you can always prepare yourself for the future and try to answer the million dollar question – Is a Hybrid Right for You?

Polls Boutique – Polls are usually boring. For the most part, they consist of mundane, silly and insignificant questions. Polls Boutique has taken the same boring concept but spiced it up by creating a new definition to the word Poll. Their polls include pictures, embedded video, audio, hyperlinks and text. With Polls Boutique anyone can vote on existing polls and even post new ones. In order to see for yourself just how intriguing it can be, check out the Did Bono (U2) have sex with those 19 year old girls poll?

Flowers2mail – I love simplicity, I truly do. Flowers2Mail is a very simple service but its impact is priceless: a big smile on someone’s face. Arrange your own chosen flowers, pick a vase, write a short greeting card, enter your loved one’s email and there you go: a beautiful bouquet is on its way. Writers tip: This is by no means a substitute for sending actual flowers. Flowers2Mail is designed to arouse a similar effect, only on a smaller scale. For the best in real flower bouquets, check out our Flowers FaveLine.

The Corona Beach – Bob Marley sings: “Sun is shining, the weather is sweet now. Make you wanna move your dancing feet, yeah! But to the rescue, here I am.Want you to know just if you can, here I stand, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Can you understand me now, baby? Do you believe me?” If you still don’t get it then you must take a vacation! check out another version of the song or simply enter the Corona Beach site.

The Halloween MonstersOh no! The Halloween-monsters have come to steal all of the Halloween-candy! Now it’s up to you, the good hearted Dr.Schwartz, to try to stop them and bring back as much of the stolen Halloween-candy as possible.

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