StoryCorps – The Compelling Narrative of American Families

Posted on Monday, May 31st, 2010 by

storycorps StoryCorps – Emotionally charged stories of fathers and daughters, grand-folks and grandchildren, mothers and sisters usually come into play behind closed doors. However, when such stories entail a great deal of fascination, thought provocation and inspiration, other members of the community have just as much to gain from these familial insights. StoryCorps is a non-profit that provides the platform for sharing poignant narratives and stories of American families from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Each audio conversation presents two related individuals, spelling the precious beans of their family history and personal anecdotes. StoryCorps has managed to move me and made me reach for my Kleenex box in just five minutes (in a good way of course). In this age of intense consumerism and remote interaction that results from our digital era, StoryCorps reminds us what’s really important. Families all over are invited to record and share their stories.

Click on the photos below to listen to the conversations that moved me the most.

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