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Posted on Monday, May 18th, 2009 by

Star Trek – I am not a huge Star Trek fan myself, so I was in need of some serious research before writing about the new Star Trek official movie site. I found out some interesting facts on the subject, but the most intriguing one of all, in my point of view, was the actual debate between the Star Trek fans; Is this new take on the old favorite the right way to go about it?

I read different opinions on the matter, but a stumbleupon review has clarified this issue. It is actually quite touching: “I am now ending my self-imposed media blackout on this movie. No one will ever take the place of the regular crew in my heart and mind but having said this I am so STOKED. This will help get a whole new generation of kids into Trek and really, that’s not a bad thing… just like the same re-imagining has worked for DR Who… Do I love Tom Baker any less? No, but now my 8 year old son likes Who and I guess that’s my whole point . The level of media that got my attention in 1978 isn’t going to do that for kids born after 1985. Until they see the new stuff they will never have the motivation to check out the classic stuff.”

So what now? I suggest we put the debate and the past behind us and focus more on the present. If you’re interested in this movie, I recommend  checking out the Star Trek Official site as it offers fans a complete experience – from trailers to downloads and on to games. If your heart is set on seeing the movie in the cinema you can find tickets and show times here.

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