Red Bull Flugtag – Jump Baby, Jump!

Posted on Monday, May 18th, 2009 by

Red Bull Flugtag – Red Bull Flugtag (German for flight day, air show) is an event owned and operated by Red Bull in which competitors attempt to fly homemade, human-powered flying machines. The flight devices are usually launched off a pier about 30 feet up in the air before landing into the sea (or other reasonably sized water reservoir). Most competitors enter for the entertainment aspect, and the flying machines rarely fly at all. But some actually make it far, like this incredible 155-foot flight record. The next Flugtag events won’t be back until 2010, so stay tuned with the Red Bull Flugtag USA designated site. If 2010 is too far ahead for you, you can always take advantage of the online version, build your own flying machine and simulate the jump. This is pure fun!

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