Stampsy: Tell Your Visual Story

Posted on Monday, March 16th, 2015 by

stampsy5Stampsy is a single place to share, curate and discover visual content that tells a story.

Share Your Stories

stampsy300Stampsy is a platform that lets you share ideas, stories and experiences in a new format. The site lets users combine text, images and video to create scrollable, visually-appealing content. There are really no guidelines as to what types of content you should post on Stampsy, the site simply provides a platform that makes it easy to publish great-looking content. It’s also free to use, which gives it an advantage over comparable platforms. There’s not as much freedom in creativity or customization as there are on paid sites like Squarespace, but the site uses a modern style that should be appealing to most viewers. Plus, you’re creating a story to be housed within the Stampsy site, not to be hosted on your own domain. The fact that the site even comes close to earning Squarespace comparisons speaks to how good its design is (and how stamps could, theoretically, exist as their own webpages).


Build Your Own Type Of Magazine

stampsy1In addition to publishing your own content, Stampsy allows users to follow other creators of collection. Each collection of stamps shows up in your personal feed, which Stampsy describes as a new take on the digital magazine. In this case, everyone contributes to the magazine’s content — your friends, family, and well-known brands or personalities. The comparison to a magazine isn’t too far off, especially because there’s a heightened focus on visual design and combination of text, videos and images. In reality, the site is more of a social publishing platform along the lines of Medium. It has its own style and format, and its up to users to make the content worthwhile within those guidelines. Based upon the content available thus far, Stampsy already managed to grow a strong community of talented users. It’s a great place to share photos, videos, text in order to tell any type of story you can imagine.


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