Soundtrap: Make Music Online

Posted on Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 by

soundtrap5Soundtrap is a collaborative online music creation platform.

The Future of Audio Recording

It’s easier than ever to create music. All you need is a laptop equipped with a music recording software. All Apple products come with Garageband pre-installed. Since it’s easy to make music on a computer, collaboration has become increasingly popular during the recording process. It’s difficult, however, to send large Logic/Pro Tools/Ableton/Reason files back-and-forth. Soundtrap is the online solution to those problems, allowing people to quickly and easily make music online with friends. The program has many of the features that can be found in the aforementioned, expensive software. The basic service, however, is free to use.soundtrap2


Collaborate From Anywhere

soundtrap1For premium services, Soundtrap does charge $5.99 to $14.99/month. Those prices give users more storage and sounds. The free version, however, still allows musicians to record live audio, use software instruments and audio effects, and import and export tracks. It’s not as robust or as powerful as the more popular audio editing software out there, but for amateur musicians it’s one of the best and easiest ways to quickly get your songs recorded. Soundtrap’s collaborative nature is its best feature, as musicians can work on the same project in real time while discussing via video chat. As music becomes increasingly easy to create from a laptop, the collaborative service Soundtrap offers will only become more crucial.



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