Someone Once Told Me – Visualizing Life’s Important Lessons

Posted on Monday, June 28th, 2010 by

someoneoncetoldme Someone Once Told Me – Most of us remember at least one critical moment in our life when someone we know shared their life lesson with us. It could be a (totally true) cliché such as ‘good things come to those who wait’ or ‘life isn’t a bed of roses.’ But for others, it’s that seemingly innocent sentence they’re told that is actually so powerful and so true that the meaning’s impact on the person’s life is priceless and long lasting. Someone Once Told Me (SOTM) is a precious stage for visualizing those hard learned, hopeful and surprising lessons of life, taught through a single photographed sentence.

According to their About page, SOTM tries to “gather and chronicle some of the things that people have heard in their lives, the messages and expressions that have stuck in people’s head, for reasons both obvious and odd.” Updated on a daily basis with a new photograph of a person holding a piece of paper with the sentence someone had told them, SOTM is both innovative and inspirational. I drifted away in this intriguing site, and below are the two lessons + photographs I enjoyed the most. Important: some photographed messages include sexual connotations and content.

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