Soluto – Resuscitating PC Performance

Posted on Monday, June 14th, 2010 by

soluto Soluto – I’m so happy Soluto is here. Really. Thanks to their Beta application I’ve cut down my boot time by 87%. Isn’t that great? Turns out, there are tens of applications that boot on my PC when I turn it on, and Soluto helped me decide which ones are important and which ones can be paused or delayed. Currently free to download, Soluto is an attractive platform for increasing your computer’s performance, and it will definitely help both savvy and not-so-knowledgeable PC users. If your computer is starting to lag behind and you are growing frustrated with slow performance, now is the time to salute the sweet Soluto gift. About a week after you have installed the software, be sure to take advantage of the History option to see a visual (and striking) display of performance improvement. Great job, Soluto team!


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