SniqueAway: Find the Best Deals on Hotels, Even Last Minute

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As someone who loves to travel and stay in beautiful hotels, I’m always looking for the latest deal.Brought to you by your friends at TripAdvisor, SniqueAway is the latest site featuring hotel rooms on sale all over North America.

Get Away for a Luxury Stay

SniqueAway says, “Our Limited-Time Sales showcase the sleek, chic, and always unique for—you guessed it—a limited time and at up to 40% off the best available rates.”If you enjoy throwing a dart at a map and deciding on your next destination, SniqueAway is your newest travel buddy. While many of us are used to flash sales on clothing and furniture items, TripAdvisor realized there was a market for people like me and you. The hotels are ranked at least four stars and have plenty of “Ahh-menities” for you to enjoy.

Endless Perks

For every hotel, Snique Away has “Spell Binders”, a list of great reasons to stay there. Maybe it’s the distance to a major historical site, or a rated restaurant outside of the lobby. Also listed are reminders like how much valet parking costs, and whether Wifi is free or not. If you’re lucky, you may receive a special gift for booking through SniqueAway like $25 towards a hotel spa service.

Looking for a specific destination- click All Hotels to narrow down the cities you are searching. Want a tropical vacation? SniqueAway also has deals on hotels in the Caribbean and Mexico. In addition to the featured hotels on sale for the next few days, SniqueAway has it’s own list of recommended hotels for anytime. They also have a blog that features unique activities to do in the cities you may be visiting. From Second City in Chicago to bike riding through Napa Valley, find the perfect way to spend your vacation days.

Think your friends would love it? Recommend SniqueAway to them and when they make their first booking, you get $25 in credit. Have your eye on a particular hotel that will be on sale in a few days? SniqueAway will send you a reminder that the hotel is up and ready to be booked!

Even in the midst of holiday season, the sales are among us. Book your next vacation today with SniqueAway, you never know where you may end up!

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