EverySignal – Separates Life Moments from Social Media Spam

Posted on Monday, December 17th, 2012 by

EverySignal is a platform that aggregates ‘big moments’ of people you care about from your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts and notifies you so that you will not miss out on them.

Share your Friends Life Moments

The service EverySignal provides us with, is basically a filter to our social media accounts. On it’s feed you will not find everyday posts such as “Just picked up my baby brother” or “Slipped on a banana, lol”. This website is about the important things; finding out when friends get engaged, who’s expecting a new baby, a colleague’s promotion, upcoming birthdays etc. The concept is simple, separating important ‘life moments’, that you wish to share with the ones you love, from the routine content spam that rules our social media feeds.

You Decide which Event is a ‘Life Moment’!

When managing your EverySignal account you decide which events it will notify you about; you can instruct it to let you know only if one of your contacts has a birthday coming, end their college degree, posts something about health issue, gets a promotion at work, moves to another city, broke up with their partner, sells their car or even going on a holiday abroad. You choose which life event is important enough. The site’s team declares that only 6% of people’s posts are of ‘Life Moments’. So, if you want to separate the important stuff from the bland, give EverySignal a try.



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