Sling: Take Back TV

Posted on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 by

Sling TVWatching TV used to be pretty simple, but these days there is so much that goes into to sitting down and watching your favorite show. Take back what used to be fun, with Sling.

Make TV Great Again

Sling TVOver time, watching our favorite shows have become a hassle in many ways. There are huge bills, companies that have to keep showing up at your house to fix cable and so on. Sometimes dealing with cable problems takes longer than the actual show. Sling wants to take viewers back to the way TV used to be, easy! Viewers can watch shows instantly, and at a low price each month. Each package to pick from with Sling, has all your favorite channels at a low price and no hidden rules and fees. Viewers can also watch anytime and anywhere with the app. Simply create and account, pick a plan, and start watching. Sling is everything you love about TV, without everything you hate.

Sling TV

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