Rex: Recommendations from Friends

Posted on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 by

RexSee what your friends and others are watching, reading, and listening to with Rex.

Share, Find, and Save

RexWhenever we are looking for something new to listen to, watch, read, eat, etc. we want all those recommendations to be in one place with easy access. That’s what Rex is, a place to share, find, and save recommendations with friends and experts from all over. Browse lots of different subjects and find recommendations from not only your friends, but others who are reading and watching what you are, and experts. Rex lets you share anything that you think others would enjoy too. If you read an excellent book, share it. If you ate the best sushi in the whole world, share that too. When using Rex save posts to the vault so all of the saves and likes are in one place, no more searching all over for that one idea you liked.┬áPurchase items right from the app too instead of searching all over the internet for it. Share and find recommendations with Rex and get into something new.


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