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Posted on Monday, December 28th, 2015 by

SkypickerFind the cheapest possible flights to your favorite and most popular destinations with the help of Skypicker.

Up, Up, And Away!

SkypickerSkypicker allows travelers to find and book one way, or roundtrip flights all on one site and for the lowest possible price. Skypicker may seem similar to the other travel sites out there, but they’re different. Skypicker uses a unique technology that is based on data collection and a combination algorithm that integrates low cost flights with classic airlines. This helps create new and unique routes that can be up to 50-90% cheaper than existing offers out there. Skypicker makes it incredibly easy to search cities and airports and a variety of flights and airlines are shown at great prices, whether it’s one way or round trip. The interactive map is also a great tool. If you don’t want to type in a destination or want to find an airport, drop your destination pin to any city and Skypicker will show flights to the nearest airport. Skypicker basically does all the work for you, just pick a flight and go. Skypicker sells more than 2,000 tickets a day, so next time make sure yours is one of them.


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