Google’s Year In Search 2015

Posted on Monday, December 28th, 2015 by

Google's Year In Search 2015As we get ready to move forward, lets take a look back at Google’s Year In Search 2015.

Google’s Year In Review

Google's Year In Review 2015Every year there are more and more events that are talked about, searched, and given hashtags. But honestly if you can remember everything from 2015, you’ll soon realize that this past year was one for the record books. If you can’t quite remember it all, Google’s Year In Search 2015 will help jog your memory. The year was filled with horrible events around the globe, incredible wins from your favorite sports teams, celebrity scandals, and much more. Explore the most searched things that made 2015 a great year, and a not so great year. To make it even easier, search by lists (categories: movie, celebs, sports, politics, etc.) to find everything that filled the year. Each list shows the top 10 in that category. Whether something happened last January or yesterday, it was searched. So re-discover it all with Google’s Year In Search 2015.

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