SkilledUp: Find The Best Courses

Posted on Wednesday, April 15th, 2015 by

skilledup5SkilledUp curates the abundance of online and alternative education sources to help build a bridge between education and actual job skills.

skilledup2Find the Right Course

At its core, SkilledUp is an online education search engine. Its landing page has a simple search toolbar that lets you search for any subject, claiming it’ll help you “find the best course from Web Dev to General Ed.” That statement is true. You could type basically anything into that search and SkilledUp would instantly return a list of results, along with transparent pricing, reviews and additional information about the school or site offering the courses. In terms of its course-finding ability, it’d be tough to find a site that had more┬ácomprehensive listings and more in-depth information about those courses than SkilledUp.


Skills and Career Overviews

skilledup3In addition to its course-finding service, however, SkilledUp also provides links to articles relevant to your search, as well as related career and skill overviews. If you’re interested in a particular career, SkilledUp can provide a detailed overview of that job’s function, distribution over the past year, average salary range by city and the courses that’ll help you land a job in the field. The site┬átakes a step beyond just simple instruction, bridging the gap between education and actually finding a job. The editorial content offered on SkilledUp is also amazing (see this comprehensive list of programming bootcamps as an example). SkilledUp doesn’t host job listings, but it does provide an immensely useful service for those interested in exploring new fields or the courses that would give them the opportunity to advance in a particular area or career.


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