Shyp: Shipping Made Easy

Posted on Thursday, April 28th, 2016 by

ShypMore times than most, shipping can be one of the biggest pains in the day. Shyp is making shipping easier than ever and will never be a hassle again.

Someone Else Doing All The Work

ShypIf you’re shipping something and the retailer isn’t helping or you’re on your own, shipping can be such a hassle. But never worry again once you start using Shyp. Shyp makes shipping easy by picking up what needs to ship, package it and then ships it for the lowest price. Shyp makes the process extremely easy right from the start, they come straight to you. The couriers pick up your items right from your house and a time convenient for you. The items are then packed by the experts using high quality materials. Shyp also does the research by comparing shipping companies, and getting you the best price. You can ship anything back to where it came from, or to the next owner. Besides the shipping fee you have to pay, there is only a $5 Shyp fee. Not bad for someone who takes all you shipping troubles away from you. Shyp is currently only operating in a few cities, but more are being added every day. ¬†Shipping never has to cause problems again, next time just Shyp it!


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