Sgnl: Touch Your Sound

Posted on Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 by

SgnlHow we answer phone calls has changed since the telephone was invented, but Sgnl is taking the act of answer and talking on the phone to a whole new level.

Just One Touch

SgnlAnswering a phone call has never been easier, or cooler until Sgnl joined the game. Sgnl is the smart strap to make and answer calls with your fingertip touched to your ear. Plus, make your watch even smarter when you pair it with Sgnl. Sgnl will get hooked up with your phone, and then you just wear the┬ástrap and get connected. When it’s time to answer your phone, all you do is touch your ear! When you wear the band, you can hear your call by just touching your ear, no chords or ear pieces, just your finger. There is nothing to lose equipment wise. Normally you old down one ear to block noise out, but with Sgnl, that’s how you hear! Right now Sgnl is on Kickstarter, so make sure you pre-order yours today! Sgnl is next generation technology for your phone, and answering phone calls.


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