New Incentives: Cash Transfers to African Mothers with HIV

Posted on Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 by

New IncentivesHelp African mothers with HIV or have at-risk pregnancies give birth to healthy babies with New Incentives!

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New IncentivesSo many of us are lucky to have access to excellent health care, but unfortunately there are many who do not. With the help of New Incentives, people can send conditional cash transfers to West African mothers with HIV. New Incentives is a non-profit organization that changes the lives of the world’s poorest mothers and newborns. They are also the first and only nonprofit dedicated to Conditional Cash Transfers. CCTs ¬†are small, predictable sums of money that those in need can earn after meeting education and health benchmarks (school attendance, clinic visits, etc.). By donating through New Incentives, donations give women at risk small stipends on the condition they deliver at a health clinic and get the required medications. It also allows them to afford food, transport and other basic services. The CCTs can help prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV, neonatal mortality and help fight poverty. When individuals donate through New Incentives: help protect against diseases, help prevent newborns being born HIV+ and give moms access to health services and cash for basic goods.

New Incentives

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